Bloomberg Philanthropies funds organizations in 7 cities as part of $43 M. arts management program

By Andy Battaglia

As part of a program providing funds to “small and midsize” arts organizations in seven cities across the U.S. for general operating support and training in arts management, Bloomberg Philanthropies has selected 45 grantees in Atlanta. Other cities active in the Arts Innovation and Management (AIM) program’s current cycle are Austin, Baltimore, Denver, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C., with $43 million allocated for grants overall. The program, started in 2011, has so far granted $108 million to more than 500 organizations. In a statement, Michael R. Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies, said, “The arts inspire people, provide jobs, and strengthen communities. This program is aimed at helping some of the country’s most exciting cultural organizations reach new audiences and expand their impact.” [More]