Conservative artist Jon McNaughton doesn't care about the haters, he just wants to paint Trump and Jesus

By Joe Perticone
Artist John McNaughton's painting title, "Crossing the swamp" (2018).
Painter Jon McNaughton's works have drawn considerable attention online — from pro-Trump conservatives, and yes, even the art world. McNaughton is known for fawning depictions of President Donald Trump, other Republicans, and religious figures. He is also known for his outlandish paintings of former President Barack Obama and Democrats, who are often depicted conducting heinous acts like burning the US Constitution or excoriating Jesus Christ on the floor of the House of Representatives. He has received high praise for his work from many Republican elected officials. His painting of the biblical figure Moses hangs inside the Louisiana Department of Justice Building. An edition of the same painting was the subject of an auction by South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan, a conservative Republican. [More]