Sunday, August 19, 2018


By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
Dan Flavin, Untitled (For Ksenija), 1994.

Dan Flavin, who died in 1966, took an everyday fluorescent light and made it extraordinary. Using tubes of varying lengths and colors, he created sculptures that don't just hang there. They fill spaces with a spiritual glow. That’s how we felt about so many everyday things this week: Aretha Franklin’s passing; a spicy new dish; meeting Angelina Ballerina and Kolongi Brathwaite; Kasey tuning 5; Greg’s mom turning 81; and the return of the homophobic cake baker. The week reminded us to look beyond the decorative to witness the mystery. Flavin said he never intended to make a spiritual connection, but it happened, and that’s why Dan Flavin's "Untitled (for Ksenija)" is our news of the week

NEWS OF WEEK from across the USA, and around the world, see below:
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Greg Disney-Britton, Bryan Fonseca, Carlos Sosa and friends at Indy Convergence planning  big things for 2018-2019.
Ernest's sizzling new creation during #Whole30, "Guard of the Harem" is filled with spices and vegetables
Kasey Drake Disney-Britton turned 5 years-old this week.
Our neighbor invited us over to meet artist Kolongi Brathwaite (b. Barbados, lives in NYC)
Julie Apple of WFYI takes Rishard Allen of Arts Council of Indianapolis on a tour of  their studio and they run into Angelina Ballerina
Greg Disney-Britton and his mom, Susan Disney at his 81st birthday dinner at Ruth's Chris North.