In Conversation: John Edmonds and Mickalene Thomas

By Michael Love Michael
Courtesy of John Edmonds/Capricious
Artist John Edmonds, who dedicates his practice to documenting the richness of blackness in journalistic, artistic, and inherently spiritual ways, is set to launch his new book, Higher. Higher is a retrospective 100-plus page, beautifully assembled, full-color monograph covering the first 10 years of his work as a photographer. Included among the photos are texts by Dr. Aaron Rosen and Durga Chew-Bose, and a conversation with renowned fellow artist, contemporary painter Mickalene Thomas. The duo candidly discusses everything from taking the time to illuminate the varying facets of blackness through art, to how Edmonds finds his subjects and his use of light to capture their inner glow, to curation of the self in the digital age. [More]