10 best pieces at Frieze London 2018

By Andrew Goldstein
MARINA ABRAMOVIC Miracle 3, 2018 Galerie Krinzinger – Vienna €175,000
LONDON---“This is Marina Abramovic. She is the most famous performance artist in the world.” Such was the shorthand used by a Frieze guide to introduce this piece to a tour group, and it was a bracing reminder of the power such superlatives have—particularly in an era of cultural overabundance, where everyone wants to edit down to the “best” and “most”—to focus the attention of a wide audience. It’s also a kind of reminder that, no matter how much the elite culturati might resent it (vis à vis Abramovic, for example), there’s no such thing as overexposure these days. And what the 71-year-old Serbian-born artist is doing with her prominence is actually very interesting. Frieze London this year is an enjoyable romp through the cream of the market, where the ambition is often most evident in the show-stopping booth arrangements rather than any revelatory new messages beamed in from Planet Art. [More]
Faith Ringgold’s Marlon Riggs Tongues Untied (1994). Courtesy Weiss Berlin and ACA Galleries.