Thursday, November 1, 2018

Opinion | When all else fails, there's culture

By Nana Asfour
Historic Palestinian dresses were on exhibition at the Palestinian Museum in the West Bank village of Birzeit in March. Credit: Alaa Badarneh/Epa-Efe, via Rex, via Shutterstock
What does it mean to be a Palestinian? In recent years, more and more individuals have turned to one creative field or another to offer up their own answer to that question, in the hope that a better understanding of it will bring real change. “With the continued failure of the political process, many of us now believe that culture is where we should channel our resources, energy and hopes,” Zina Jardaneh, chair of the board of the Palestinian Museum in Birzeit, in the West Bank, told me recently, echoing the words and sentiments of a number of other Palestinians I have spoken to in the past two decades. Drowned out by other events, their efforts deserve broader acknowledgment and support.[More]