Sunday, March 24, 2019

RELIGIOUS ART | NEWS OF WEEK - 3rd Sunday of Lent

By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
Giovanni domenico Tiepolo (Venice 1727-1804) "Christ and the barren fig tree" ; oil on canvas; 33 x 75 in. (Courtesy of Christies in June 2015)
It’s been five weeks since Ernest’s foot fracture, but as the heel heals, his calf muscle weakens. We could cry about the calf, but instead, Christ’s patience teaches us to plan for running soon. In the late 1700s, Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo depicted an angry Christ destroying a fig tree that did not produce fruit. However, in this week’s Gospel on the 3rd Sunday in Lent, we explore Christ’s great expectations for us, but also his patience (13:1-9). That's why Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo’s “Christ and the barren fig tree" is our  our Lenten art of the week.

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