Exhibition at Mucem Questions Notions of Identity And Identification Through Different Motif

Priest's mask, Galati, Moldovan Romania, 20th century, Ethnology of Europe collection, Musée national d’histoire naturelle, deposited at the Mucem © MNHN, photo Mucem.
MARSEILLE.- The exhibition “Persona. Works by Romanian artists” questions notions of identity and identification through different motifs, such as the mask. It first considers the links between ethnographic heritage and rites of folklore and mythology, before proposing a broad critical examination of national, cultural, and ethnic affiliations. The Latin term “persona” has had an ambiguous development, from its original meaning to its current semantic applications in Latin languages, leaving the field wide open to a broad interpretation of what “person” and “character” can mean today, especially given the virtual avatars of new technologies. [More]
Munteanu Rîmnic, Simulanta III, 2017. © Anca Munteanu Rîmnic