Saturday, May 11, 2019

Better Things Is Pamela Adlon's Personal Gallery

By Michael Walker
Pamela Adlon with a wall of paintings by her grandmother Phyllis Leece, some of which appear in her show “Better Things.”
LOS ANGELES — Shod in the sort of boots that Sam Fox, her character on “Better Things,” locks in a safe away from her three grasping daughters, Pamela Adlon marches through the art-filled Los Angeles bungalow that is her office and stops before a canvas depicting a woman wearing a fetching expression and not much else. Ms. Adlon launches into the story of how she acquired the painting “Wine Fine” like a punk docent riffing in her own museum. I’ve been collecting since I was 18. I’m friends with Allee Willis, the songwriter — she wrote “September,” “Boogie Wonderland,” the “Friends” theme — and is also an artist. I was her assistant when I was a teenager, and she said [pounding the table] “You’ve got to start collecting art!” [More]
“Wine Fine” (2018) by Brian Nickson, a.k.a. BNick. Instead of using an art director for the set of “Better Things,” Ms. Adlon chooses works from her personal collection, and reproductions are made of them.
“Rosie No. 1” (2016) by Tim Okamura, another piece from Ms. Adlon’s collection.