Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Exploring Fort Meyers and Santa Belle Island

By Ernest Disney-Britton
Entrance to Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Meyer's Florida
We explored Fort Meyers and Santa Belle Island on this 90-degree day that began with Greg's unfortunate choice of beginning with a two-mile run. We toured the beautiful campus of Florida Gulf Coast University. Nestled inside a nature reserve, it's unlike any college campus that I've visited before. Downtown Fort Meyers is a quaint vacation destination that has been popular with Midwesterners going back to Henry Ford. There is even a pub themed in his honor where the wait staff wears gas station worker shirts, and the napkins are oil rags with a rubber hose clamp as the napkin holder. That evening, we took a 50-minute drive through Santa Belle Island to visit Captiva, and had Key Lime pie at Tween Waters Inn, sandwiched between the harbor and the Gulf.