Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Bruce Nauman's 'One Hundred Live and Die' in "Disappearing Arts" at MoMA

Bruce Nauman's 'One Hundred Live and Die', 1984, presents a striking commentary on life – lighting up the room with phrases written in neon pink, yellow, white and blue.
Bruce Nauman has spent half a century inventing forms to convey both the moral hazards and the thrill of being alive. Employing a tremendous range of materials and working methods, he reveals how mutable experiences of time, space, movement, and language provide an unstable foundation for understanding our place in the world. Disappearing Acts traces what Nauman has called “withdrawal as an art form”—both literal and figurative incidents of removal, deflection, and concealment. The exhibition is on view at The Museum of Modern Art through February 18, 2019, and at MoMA PS1 through February 25, 2019. [More]