Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Inland Art | Thomas Skomski exhibit

By Paul Krainak
Thomas Skomski, “Uproot – Locura” (PHOTO BY DANNYL DOLDER)
Co-curators Robert Sill, Douglas Stapleton and Edward Maldanado note that Thomas Skomski’s solo show “Urgent Care: Stuck in that Awkward Stage between Birth and Death” at the Illinois State Museum in Springfield “examines the processes of change and the inevitable outcome of decay and aging.”n fact, Skomski’s newest work was produced during a recent health and environmental emergency with which the artist and his wife continue to struggle. The Community Word editor Clare Howard published a cover story on their circumstances in January 2018. Skomski was also a subject of a Swedish documentary, “The New Gold,” which covered environmental degradation caused by silica mines near his home in LaSalle County, Ill. [More]