Tuesday, August 27, 2019

ייִדישע קינסטלער אין דער הײַנטיקער רוסישער קונס

IN GEVEB By Henryk Berlewi
Marc Chagall, “To My Wife”
The issues that have emerged in the world of art over the last several decades have perhaps nowhere reached such a level of tension as in Russia. The new artistic ideas, which since the downfall of the so-called “Peredvizhniki” 1 1 have begun to migrate here from Western Europe, particularly France (with a considerable delay), have not only acclimated rapidly but continue to develop and expand. So it was with Cézannism, Cubism, Futurism and so on; with the entire breadth and depth of the Russian soul, these new artistic ideas, or artistic philosophies, were adopted and led to their final, logical consequences. That, which in the West was a product of harmless experimentalism, by virtue of its entirely free, non-obligatory, creative objective, has here in Russia effectively developed into a theory—a canon. [More]