Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Kyle Breitenbach "When The Leaves Come Down" at SHRINE

Kyle Breitenbach: When the Leaves Come Down" at SHRINE, August 8 – September 15, 2019
For Kyle Breitenbach’s third solo show at SHRINE, the artist uses alchemical processes to not only visualize, but actualize, the perpetually unsettled state of our world. After being completely hidden by overpainting, compositions drawn from folklore, science fiction, and metaphysics gradually eat their way back to visibility over time, then continue to shift even after their re-emergence as “ghostly likeness[es].” The paintings’ shimmering, iridescent surfaces—another effect of the underlying chemical reaction—ensure that, even in the moment, the works are perceived to be in flux and independent of Breitenbach’s influence, mirroring the reality of both nature and our eternally impoverished attempts to represent it. [More]
Kyle Breitenbach - When the Leaves Come Down
Kyle Breitenbach - Beginning of the Shape