Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Mat Collishaw's "The Nerve Rack" at Ushaw Seminary in England

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A new installation by Mat Collishaw challenges ingrained concepts and practices linked to faith and examines religion as part of the human condition. The Nerve Rack is on display at Ushaw, a Catholic seminary near Durham, England, until 3 November. The work references the treasures held at Ushaw while ruminating over themes central to Catholicism and religion more broadly; martyrdom and treason, worship and heresy. Installed in the ante-chapel of the Chapel of St Cuthbert, the piece confronts a bronze eagle designed by Pugin with an animatronic eagle which in turn torments a mechanical mouse. The relationship between the two eagles communicates historic tensions between Catholicism and Protestantism, as well as the often oppositional relationship between religion and technology. [More]