Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Takashi Murakami Has Covered Practically Every Square Inch of a New Hong Kong Art Center With His Colorful Work

Takashi Murkamai at "Murakami versus Murakami" at Tai Kwun. Photograph: Alex Maeland.
Takashi Murakami‘s tripped-out universe has touched down in Hong Kong. The 57-year-old artist’s mix of fashion, graphic art, cosplay, and graffiti is spread across every crevice of the three floors of the new Tai Kwun Contemporary. The show, titled “Murakami versus Murakami,” leaves no small part of his career unexplored and no surface of the exhibition space untouched as it examines the different aspects of the Murakami brand. The show is on view through September 1 in the swank new institution, housed in a former Central Police Station complex, that was redesigned by Herzog & de Meuron at the cost of HK$3.8 billion. The center officially opened last May as non-collecting, non-profit organization modeled on Europe’s kunsthalles. [More]