An Indoor Sea and Miles of Metalwork: Antony Gormley’s Crowning Moment

By Farah Nayeri
Antony Gormley and his installation “Matrix III” (2019).
LONDON — The seawater — nearly 9,000 gallons of it — fills the vastness of the gallery, up to about ankle level. Beneath the surface is a layer of light brown clay that forms a kind of seabed on the gallery floor. At the other end of the stretch of water is a closed-door that stands like a gateway to the afterlife. This is “Host,” the culmination of a major new exhibition by the British sculptor Antony Gormley at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. It’s one of 142 works (including 36 sculptures) in the show, from the minute to the monumental, the natural to the laboriously engineered. [More]
“Lost Horizon I” (2008).