Collectors With a Focus on the Contemporary and Conceptual

Show Us Your Walls
By Ted Loos
Marlies Verhoeven in her living room with Jonas Wood’s “Square Red Dot” (2009), center, and two Johannes Albers sculptures, “ballpoint pen (red)” (2018), and “ballpoint pen (yellow)” (2018).
In their four-story townhouse in the West Village, Marlies Verhoeven and her husband, Jacco Reijtenbagh, have amassed a collection of contemporary art that’s notable for its mixing of artists who are known quantities, like Cecily Brown and Rashid Johnson, with new names such as Royce Weatherly. The 60 or so pieces are all placed just-so in a sharp, modern design scheme. Ms. Verhoeven, 37, is the co-founder of the Cultivist, which she describes as “a culture club meets arts concierge service.” The Cultivist charges members a fee and gives them special access to art-world doings. So she interacts with other collectors all the time, and has a good bird’s-eye view of her own trove. [More]
Dan Colen’s “hippity flippity!” in tar and feathers (2012), with “Square Red Dot” and the Albers pens.