Friday, September 6, 2019

Michael Rakowitz Wins Nasher Prize for Sculpture

By Peter Libbey
Michael Rakowitz’s “The invisible enemy should not exist (Lamassu)” here on display in Trafalgar Square in London, is a re-creation of a sculpture destroyed by ISIS.
Michael Rakowitz, a Chicago-based artist dedicated to resurrecting the past and drawing attention to the neglected, has been awarded the 2020 Nasher Prize, the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas announced on Wednesday. As a part of the award, which honors a living artist for their contributions to sculpture, he will receive $100,000. “There’s a part of me that is simultaneously grateful and really happy about it, but then there’s another part of me that hopes that one way or another, I can earn this someday,” Mr. Rakowitz said in an interview. The beginning of his career in the late-1990s, he added, “doesn’t feel like long ago at all.” [More]