Our Top 7 Art Works to See at Expo Chicago 2019

By Darcel Rockett
The apples by Barnaby Barford (which look very Midwestern variety, by the way), are hand-painted in oils bearing any one of 80 words — the interpretation of those words and "their meanings are heightened when you add the prefix “more”.
Even before you step foot into EXPO CHICAGO, the annual International Exposition of Contemporary and Modern Art, you are greeted with art activations like Ship of Tolerance, the 25-by-35-by-34 foot inflatable sculpture “Founders” that features four busts notable to our city. And once you step through the doors, you can almost strain your neck looking back and forth at the art pieces present. Barnaby Barford’s steel and PVC pipe creation, “The Apple Tree" is something to behold. Barford said he examined man’s search for happiness and his subsequent need for more. [More]

David Gill Gallery Booth at EXPO Chicago, 19–22 SEPTEMBER 2019