By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
Kehinde Wiley, 42, at the statue's unveiling on Friday at Times Square in NYC of Richmond, Virginia addition to its Monument Avenue to be installed in 2020.
Kehinde Wiley's 27 feet high bronze sculpture of an African American man riding a horse is headed to Richmond, Virginia's Monument Avenue, a 1.5-mile boulevard of equestrian monuments honoring Confederate traitors. Richmond is home to America's only monumental urban expression of white supremacy, and soon Kehinde Wiley's "Rumours of War" statue will integrate that boulevard. “Today,” he said, “we say yes to something that looks like us. We say yes to inclusivity. We say yes to broader notions of what it means to be an American.” A love for equality makes Kehinde Wiley, our artist of the week.

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The sculpture "Rumours of War," depicting a young African American in urban streetwear on a horse, will be on view through Dec. 1, 2019
The statue will be in Times Square until Dec. 1, then will move to near the entrance of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.
The figure astride the horse has dreadlocks, a hoodie and ripped jeans.