Thai Hardliners Demand 'Ultraman' Buddha Art be Destroyed

A Thai artist’s painting of the Buddha as the Japanese superhero Ultraman | Photo via Facebook
Hardline Buddhists in Thailand called Thursday for the destruction of paintings depicting Buddha as Japanese superhero Ultraman, provoking fevered debate about using sacred imagery in art. The majority of Thais are Buddhist and a law on insulting religion carries a maximum sentence of seven years in jail even if prosecutions are rare. The student artwork went viral on social media last week after it was shown in an exhibition three hours outside Bangkok. The artist, whose name has been withheld by her university over safety concerns, offered a tearful apology to monks for the four paintings, some of which had a backdrop with Louis Vuitton logos. [More]
As the scandal hit headlines and talk shows, collector Pakorn Porncheewangkul swooped in to buy one of the controversial works showing six Buddhas as the superhero shooting lasers from their palms