Rare Buddhist God Helps "Bodies of Light" Sales Reach Over $3 Million

A gilt-bronze figure of Avalokiteshvara Padmapani Yongle Mark and Period | Estimate 500,000 — 700,000 Lot Sold 620,000
Last week's "Bodies of Light" auction at Sotheby's reached $3,460,250. Bodies of Infinite Light, an auction of Buddhist art spanning the Northern and Southern dynasties to the Qing dynasty, includes an exceptional polychrome wood figure of Jinasagara Avalokiteshvara from the Xuande period, a finely embroidered silk Qing dynasty thangka of Ekadashamukha Avalokiteshvara and rare bronzes from the Dali Kingdom, among other works. In addition, the sale features twenty sculptures formerly in the Chang Foundation Collection and illustrated in the seminal 1993 published catalog Buddhist Images in Gilt Metal. [More]
Rare guilt-lacquer, polychrome wood and gesso figure of Jinasagara Avalokiteshvara and Consort Ming Dynasty Period