Contemporary Artist Creates a Full-Visual Interpretation of John’s Apocalypse in Tapestry

"The Tapestry of Light" (Detail 1) by Irene Barberis
“I stood in front of the Angers Tapestry. … its scale, complexity, and poetry were overwhelming. At that moment I imagined a new work of art, one that would be radiant and glowing.” These are the words of contemporary artist Dr. Irene Barberis describing why she embarked on a 17-year journey to construct a work of art interpreting the Apocalypse for this generation. Inspired by the importance of light in biblical symbolism, Barberis embedded light deep into her design. Focusing on John’s Apocalypse, Barberis evaluated its text and imagery through a diversity of artistic methods. The resulting masterpiece, The Tapestry of Light at D.C.'s Museum of the Bible, measures more than 118 feet long and is woven in three stunning layers that are each revealed under different lights.
Museum of the Bible: "The Tapestry of Light Project" (Through January 20, 2020"); 400 4th St. SW, Washington, DC; 866.430.6682;
"The Tapestry of Light" (Detail 2) by Irene Barberis