Did the Psalms Inspire Velásquez’s Crucified Christ?

By Daniel Esparza
Detail of "Crucified Christ" (1632) by Diego Velázquez
Diego Velásquez’s Crucified Christ might be one of his most famous religious paintings. In fact, the anatomical perfection of the figure of Christ itself follows the neo-Greek ideals of the Renaissance, which Velásquez might have seen with his own eyes in Guido Reni’s work while in Italy. However, art historians claim there might be yet another explanation for this anatomical perfection: Velásquez might have drawn inspiration from a psalm. Psalm 45.2, which reads “thou art the most beautiful of the sons of men.” [More]
"Crucified Christ" (1632) by Diego Velázquez; oil on canvas; 98 in × 67 in); Collection of Museo del Prado, Madrid

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