Something in the Stars? Art World Goes Spiritual

AA Bronson in front of "Anna and Mark, February 3, 2001, 2002", his portrait of his husband with their premature daughter when she was 10 days old. AA wears a hand-embroidered shirt by MJKVL.
Spirituality is on-trend. Tarot, the occult, astrology, meditation apps, crystals—as political turmoil surrounds us, interest in “new age spiritualism” is booming. And last week, the esoteric is in the ascendant at Frieze and in numerous exhibitions around London. The retreat from religion, particularly among the left-wing art world, is a driving factor behind this rise in spirituality. “Organised Christianity has proven itself largely morally bankrupt,” says the artist AA Bronson, who first became interested in shamanism and alternative belief systems at the age of seven. A work by Bronson’s collective General Idea is on show at Frieze London with Maureen Paley. [More]
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