Bill Viola's "Impermanence" Exhibition at Borusan Contemporary in Istanbul

"Tristan's Ascension" (2000) by Bill Viola
A new solo exhibition by Bill Viola is on display at Borusan Contemporary until 13 September 2020. The exhibition, titled Impermanence, is a satellite show presented as part of the 16th Istanbul Biennale. Impermanence is the first solo exhibition by Viola in Istanbul and features ten works from different stages of his career. Curated by Kathleen Forde, the exhibition brings together a number of thematically linked works by the artist, which explore the capacity of new media, in particular video technology, to extend our collective reflection on the nature of birth, death, fear, desire, reincarnation and reality. Viola’s work contains both enigma and clarity, and is both transcendent, almost religious in character, and rooted in the everyday. [More]

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