Explore India In Francesco Clemente’s Cross-Cultural Journey Through ‘Contradictory Reality’

By Natasha Gural
Francesco Clemente: "India” (2019) at Vito Schnabel Projects in New York City through January 2020
Profoundly inspired by the culture and traditions of India since his first visit to the South Asian country 48 years ago, Italian-born, New York-based artist Francesco Clemente’s newest paintings and frescoes lead the viewer on an enchanting voyage. Flowers resembling marigolds form the ancient diamond-shaped outline of a map of India, which marries with a background of dozens of skulls gazing at the map, all awash in soft pink. Marigolds, or Calendula officinalis, are prevalent throughout India, where they are used to craft garlands that are offered to Hindu gods and goddesses. Skulls are prominent in Hindu and Buddhist artwork depicting deities, their relevance in eastern symbology dating back to the dawn of the Hindu civilization more than 5,000 years ago. [More]
Francesco Clemente's "India I” (2019); Oil on canvas 96 inches x 92 inches