The Ketubah: A Document of Devotion - Part Three

By Mark Mietkiewicz
ketubah from The Ketubbot Collection of the National Library of Israel (Wikimedia Commons/Ketubbot Collection of the National Library of Israel/
The ketubah is essentially a legal document whose text can be a bit arcane (something we looked at last time). But for most couples, it is an enduring and unique piece of art and a remembrance of their special day under the chuppah. If you are considering having a ketubah done professionally, showcases the work of over fifty exceptional artists. After the wedding is over and you have hung your ketubah on your wall, Anita Diamant says don’t just admire your ketubah, read it regularly. Diamant quotes the Baal Shem Tov, the 18th-century founder of Hasidism who “advised couples to re-read their ketubah whenever they were fighting. [More]