The New ‘Harriet’ Tubman Movie Gives a New Generation a Chance to Honor an American Hero

By Dallas Morning News Editorial
Movie poster for HARRIET which opened last Thursday nationwide
It’s easy to look back on American history and cast aspersions. But it’s harder to recognize the complexity and uneven nature of history. It’s one thing to talk about the basic principles that we all should follow: That all human beings deserve to be free to live their lives as they see fit. That we all should be afforded the rich opportunities this country has to offer. There is no better example than Tubman. We’re particularly pleased that a new generation will get to learn about her bravery and perseverance with the movie Harriet that opened on Friday. Stunningly, it’s the first motion picture to hit the big screen that chronicles the remarkable life of this abolitionist, who fought for women’s right to vote and was on the front lines for the Union during the Civil War. [More]