From Generosity to Justice: A Review of Ford Foundation CEO’s New Book

By Carmen Graciela Díaz

In the midst of philanthropy's self-examination and taking steps toward change, that shift is best exemplified by Ford Foundation President Darren Walker’s new book From Generosity to Justice: A New Gospel of Wealth, writes Jeff Raikes, cofounder of the Raikes Foundation, in his review of this publication. In it, Walker takes what was once the foundational document of the philanthropic sector, The Gospel of Wealth, written by Andrew Carnegie in 1899 and turns it on its head, Raikes points out. "Reading Carnegie’s words through a modern lens," says Raikes, "is shocking in places." What Walker calls for is advancing justice – economic, racial, social, and political justice....What Carnegie advocated for in terms of philanthropic acts of generosity – funding a bed in a shelter for example – though valuable and good – isn’t enough, Walker argues. [More]

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