Thursday, December 26, 2019

Hollywood Collector at Home in New York

Show Us Your Walls
By Hilarie M. Sheets
Candace Carmel Barasch at home with, from left, “Alex Israel, Self Portrait (Multiples),” 2017 and, on table, his “Syz’s Frozen Yogurt,” 2017.
“I hope you don’t have a seizure,” Candace Carmel Barasch playfully warned a visitor entering her Park Avenue apartment, where many of the vibrantly hued artworks blink and buzz on the walls. Alex Da Corte’s theatrical tableau of a candle in a window is outlined in neon tubing so intensely colored it almost hurts the eyes. Cory Arcangel’s portrait of Miley Cyrus on a flat-screen TV uses obsolete technology to create a rippling lake effect that could induce wistfulness — and a touch of seasickness. Recalling her renovation of the apartment 15 years ago, Ms. Barasch, a Manhattan native, said, “I should have put a plug at every single station.” The bold, contemporary works all refer to Hollywood in some way. [More]
Alex Da Corte’s neon sculpture “Good Window With Candle (Purple),” 2018.Credit...
Rob Pruitt’s “Official Art World/Celebrity Lookalikes Series,” 2016-2017.
“American Idol (Lana),” 2018, by Sam McKinniss, with, foreground, Mr. Israel’s “Desperado,” 2014.