In Chelsea, a Collector’s Little Piece of Prerevolutionary Iran

Show Us Your Walls
By Shivani Vora
Jojo Anavim in his loft, with, left, Dana Nehdaran’s “Three Materials at the Same Time” (2018), and, right, Allison Zuckerman’s “To Turn a Phrase” (2019). Joel Barhamand for The New York Times
Jojo Anavim may be a contemporary pop artist himself, but he says that his personal art collection is informed mostly by his Persian-Jewish roots. Mr. Anavim, 34, grew up there [In Iran] amid a tight-knit Persian community, and the art on the walls of the loft where he lives and works in Chelsea are reflections of the cultures that imbued his childhood. Over the last several years, Mr. Anavim has acquired pieces by the Iranian contemporary artists Dana Nehdaran, Maryam Khosrovani and Zahra Nazari, all of whom live in New York; the Jewish painter Allison Zuckerman, from Brooklyn; and the Los Angeles graffiti artist RETNA. [More]
Mr. Nehdaran’s “Iran on Earth” (2017)
Zahra Nazari’s “Thirty Three Bridge” (2018), an abstract vision of a 17th-century bridge with 33 arches in Isfahan, Iran.
Untitled (2016) by RETNA, a work Mr. Anavim likens to Farsi typography