UK's National Gallery Lends Van Eyck Portrait For 'Once-In-A-Lifetime' Show | Jan van Eyck | The Guardian

By Kate Connolly
Portrait of a Man (Léal Souvenir) by Jean Van Eyck Photograph: Print Collector/Getty Images
The National Gallery in London is to make an exceptional loan of a painting by Jan van Eyck to a one-off exhibition celebrating the 15th-century Flemish master. Portrait of a Man (Léal Souvenir), one of the earliest dated works by the painter, will be among the star exhibits in Van Eyck – an Optical Revolution, which will open at the Museum of Fine Arts (MSK) in Ghent, Belgium, in February. It will be the largest ever showing of Van Eyck’s works and probably the last major exhibition of its kind, curators said. The show’s curator, Johan De Smet, said international collaboration involving 60 lending institutions had made it possible. [More]
Jan and Hubert van Eyck’s The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb. Photograph: Foto: Dominique Provost/© - Art in Flanders vzw

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