9th Day of Christmas Collecting: Elena Climent's Reclaimed Inheritance

By Gregory Disney-Britton
Gregory Disney-Britton at home in Indianapolis holding a print by Elena Climent (#29 of 45)
On the 9th Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a signed limited-edition lithograph by Elena Climent. Born in Mexico City in 1955, she is a self-taught artist motivated by the desire to reclaim things from her past that have been lost to her. It is through the act of reproducing and arranging these delicate, detailed, and evocative still lives that she reclaims her inheritance. Climent works in oil, watercolor but also drawing, and she has a studio in New York City. Today's gift was created in 2001 as part of her visit to the Tamarind Institute.
Elena Climent's "Untitled" (2001)
Elena ClimentNiños vestidos con corazonesoil on canvas32 × 24 inches (81.3 × 61.0 cm)signed and dated 2004
Elena ClimentAltar en taller mecánicooil on canvas24 × 30 inches (61.0 × 76.2 cm)signed and dated1988
Courtesy of the artist's Facebook post, Januart 1, 2020