Four Pieces by Artist Tatsuo Miyajima

By Charles Donelan
Innumerable Life/Buddha MMMMCM-01, 2018
Light Emitting Diode, IC, electric wire, stainless steel, transformer. LED type "Time Hundred" (Red) 49 plates | Credit: Courtesy Lisson Gallery
Entering this new immersive exhibition at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, one experiences an unmistakable sensation of mastery, although not of a typical sort. Tatsuo Miyajima has been creating his distinctive installations for several decades now, and he has arrived at a striking level of expressiveness and concentration through variations on a single process. Miyajima is a major artist with something very timely to say, and he says it with admirable concision. The show, like the Buddhist practice that underpins it, invites both distanced contemplation and sensual apprehension. [More]

Santa Barbara Museum of Art: Tatsuo Miyajima’s "Keep Changing, Connect with Everything, Continue Forever" (Through April 19, 2020); 1130 State Street Santa Barbara, CA; (805) 963-4364;