The Sistine Chapel in Sussex – Painted by the Michelangelo of Goring-by-Sea

By Jonathan Jones
Spark of life … Adam and God. Photograph: Lee Martin/Alamy Stock Photo
How did a church in a quiet Sussex borough end up with an astonishing, hand-painted copy of the world’s most famous ceiling?  The Sistine Chapel is easy to find. Just follow the A259 through Goring-by-Sea until you see the low, spireless red brick English Martyrs Church. Enter this Catholic place of worship – and look up.. It’s Michelangelo’s masterpiece all right, superbly replicated by the Sussex church’s deacon, Gary Bevans.One difference is that, because Bevans was painting on wood rather than plaster, he couldn’t use the classic fresco technique, having to opt instead for acrylics. But he caught Michelangelo’s mood. [More]
‘I didn’t have candles, I had proper lights’ … Michelangelo reproduced in English Martyrs Church, Goring-by-Sea. Photograph: MY Agency/REX/Shutterstock