Japanese Folklore Through the Prism of a Warrior that Fights Buddhist Monks

By Lee Jay Walker
Taira no Tadamori (1096-1153) was a famous and notable samurai who was loyal to the Taira clan. In Japanese art and folklore, he is depicted favorably based on his many attributes that were so important in this period of Japanese history. Therefore, despite the passages of time, the legacy of Tadamori remains intact based on art, folklore, literature, and important historical documents. In the world of folklore and art Tadamori is deemed fearless beyond the norms of life. Hence, he didn’t flinch in the art of war, irrespective of natural clan fighting, fighting Buddhist warrior monks, or tackling pirates. Equally, in the mysterious world of Japanese folklore Tadamori did not fear the unseen world of sinister spirits and dangerous ghosts. [More]