Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Police Removed a Work From the India Art Fair on the Suspicion That It Referenced Ongoing Political Protests in Delhi

By Sarah Cascone
The Italian Embassy Culture Centre's booth at the India Art Fair. Photo by Aparna Jain, via Twitter.
Political tensions rising across Delhi bubbled to the surface on the last day of the India Art Fair on Sunday, as police shut down a live community artwork installed that afternoon at the booth of the Italian Embassy Culture Centre by Post-Art Project, an art studio founded by Gargi Chandola and Yaman Navlakha. The censored piece contained no overt references to the porposed Citizen Amendment Act, according to the artists. “It was about celebrating the power of women in India,” Chandola told Artnet News in an Instagram message, noting that it featured the work of roughly a dozen artists representing differing backgrounds, including the Hindu and Muslim faiths, as well as the LGTBQ community. [More]