By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
Louis Carreon's "Trap supper x"
"After a tumultuous life of substance addiction followed by a sobering prison sentence for drug trafficking," today, California born Louis Carreon has found a Christian voice authentically his own. Using the Old Masters as a frame of reference, he fuses African and South American tribal and folk motifs with tattooed and scared markings of street art modernism to tell his multi-faceted spiritual journey towards reinvention. This week, we read about his journey in V Magazine, and that's why Louis Carreon is our religious artist of the week.

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Louis Carreon: Studio Session: Los Angeles: Fairfax District xo.
Louis Carreon: "Yeshua was a Jew, John wasn’t a Baptist and mary wasn’t a Catholic x"
Courtesy of the artist's Instagram page
Rebel Rabi x oils on linen x