The Many Migrations Of Artist Griselda Rosas

By Julia Dixon Evans
Above: A mixed media paper and thread work by border artist Griselda Rosas
Griselda Rosas is, it seems, suddenly everywhere. And so is her work. The San Diego Art Prize finalist's broad repertoire — from large hanging sculptures suspended from ropes to mixed media pieces she embroiders at her kitchen table after her son goes to sleep — is specifically inspired and informed by place. The origins of the materials she uses and where they've traveled to seem as important to her as the shapes they take in her works. At Lux Art Institute, the fiber and textile art of current artists-in-residence Chiachio and Giannone is an evocative match for Rosas's work. She is displaying an exhibition of her mixed media embroidery as the Featured Regional Artist alongside the residency now through March 14, with a reception and artist talk on March 6. [More]
Artist Griselda Rosas in her studio in San Diego