Thursday, February 27, 2020

Which Art Fair Is for You? Let Our Critic Be Your Guide

By Will Heinrich
David B. Frye’s “Hillbillies Board the Arc Each With Their Golden Bull,” 2020 at Spring/Break Art Fair. David B. Frye
The opening of The Art Show on Thursday kicks off a carnival of New York art fairs that won’t stop until March 9. The city will host at least 10, offering hundreds of booths of modern and contemporary art, from blue chip to brand-new, and even a sampling of antiquarian books. The more you see in a given day, the better the odds you’ll discover something to love — and even if you don’t, sensory overload has a thrill of its own. Now that NADA is a “gallery open” instead of a fair proper, Spring/Break stands alone as the week’s cool-kid party — young, exciting and a little chaotic. This year its 100 or so emerging galleries and independent curators, all of them bringing projects on the theme of “excess,” will be rubbing shoulders across two floors of Ralph Lauren’s former headquarters on Madison Avenue, between 58th and 59th Streets. [More]