Chinese Fashion Designer Sparks Outrage After 'Appropriating' Sacred Tibetan Art

Celebrated Chinese fashion designer Guo Pei has sparked controversy online for using sacred Tibetan art in her recent fashion collection.
The renowned couturier shared images of her Guo Pei Spring/Summer 2020 Couture Collection on Instagram, where many called her out for disrespecting Tibetan culture and religion. In Tibetan culture, a Thangka is a Tibetan Buddhist painting, commonly depicting a Buddhist deity, scene, or mandala, on cotton or silk. Traditionally, Thangkas are used for worship and then kept unframed and rolled up when not on display. Since selling of religious artifacts is frowned upon in the Tibetan community, Tibetans usually do not sell Thangkas. According to a Tibetan source, Thangka is meant to be hung up on a wall or placed beside the altar for worship and not intended to be worn, especially at a fashion show. [More]
Image courtesy of the designer's Instagram account