By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
David B. Frye’s “Hillbillies Board the Arc Each With Their Golden Bull,” at NYC's Spring/Break Art Fair 2020, March 3-8.
Born in England in 1963, and raised in Indianapolis, David B. Frye is best known for sexualizing "false historical narratives" as a form of protest against violence. In 2009, his Lincoln Paintings exhibit in Indianapolis prompted more than a few patrons to comment that he'd "offended Jesus" for his depictions of long snake-like penises. Frye said, "I was flattered that Jesus found time to hate my paintings." Find his "Hillbillies Board the Arc" this week at NYC's Spring/Break Art Fair (Recent pricing $4-5K). Jesus makes David Frye, our artist of the week.
David B. Frye, at Mary Gagler Gallery Booth during Spring/Break Art Fair: 2019 at United Nations Plaza, NYC. Photo Credits:Vikram Valluri/
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David B. Frye’s installation at 2020 Spring/Break, curated by Mary Gagler.
David B. Frye, "Negro Emancipation Fantasy" (2006) SOLD at Spring/Break Art Fair - $4,000.00
David B. Frye, "Petit Dejeuner sur la Whiteman" (2005)
RETURN OF THE MACK by David B Frye, our second solo of paintings and sculptures from the artist’s contentious “Lincoln”series.Curator: Linda Griggs — at Art During The Occupation Gallery, Bushwick, NY.
Indianapolis, IN Midland Art Center May 1, 2009 to June 13, 2009
Indianapolis, IN Midland Art Center May 1, 2009 to June 13, 2009

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