The Rubin Museum Is Using Its Buddhist Art Collection to Offer Daily Meditation Sessions

By Katie White
Have you been wishing lately that you’d actually taken up meditation instead of just thinking about it all those years? We’re feeling it too—as well as the anxious tension in our chests, the funky sleep patterns, and, yes, the sheer boredom of staring at the same four walls for yet another day. When you also remember that all the art you so dearly love is stowed away inside shuttered art museums, galleries, and studios, it makes you just want to cry. But despair not! The Rubin Museum of Art is here to help you stay centered (even while it’s closed) with a recently launched series titled the Daily Offering. An informative, 10-minute episode is posted on the museum’s Instagram page every Thursday through Monday (the days the museum would have been open). [More]
Green Tara (13th Century). Courtesy of the Rubin Museum.