Jordan Casteel’s Vibrant Colors of Black and Brown People Excluded From Art Institutions

By Jillian Steinhauer
“Jonathan” (2014). Lit by a nearby lamp, his body glows with patches of red, green and yellow. Jordan Casteel and Casey Kaplan, New York
Jordan Casteel’s exhibition “Within Reach” is currently hanging on the second floor of the temporarily shuttered New Museum. The situation is somewhat paradoxical, given that the show’s most prominent theme is closeness — something that’s been severely disrupted by the coronavirus crisis. Yet that also makes it a good time to look at Ms. Casteel’s work however we can — in a digital walk-through and in the catalog — and think about the vision of community it offers. This is the artist’s first solo museum show in New York and it includes works from her noted series “Visible Man” (2013-14) and “Nights in Harlem” (2017). [More]
“Serwaa and Amoakohene” (2019), Jordan Casteel’s painting of a young man and his mother, in the exhibition “Within Reach.”Jordan Casteel and Casey Kaplan, New York