Harmonia Rosales Releases Limited Edition Prints

By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
"Crucifixion" by Harmonia Rosales, detail courtesy of artist's instagram
Before COVID-19, we felt some sense of order and harmony in the world. That's been missing for 60-days of shelter-in-place (under Zoom conditions). On Friday, Indiana lifted travel restrictions, and we headed to New Harmony, Indiana, for a Memorial Day retreat. Another person seeking harmony is Chicago-based painter, Harmonia Rosales. Her faith in harmony, while living in a world of racial and gender injustice, is reflected in her renaissance inspired paintings. That's why new limited edition prints of "Crucifixion" make Harmonia Rosales our collector's tip of the week. [Purchase]
Ever since she began her art career, Afro-Cuban artist Harmonia Rosales’s main artistic concern has been focused on black female empowerment in western culture.
Crucifixion by Harmonia Rosales
Creation of God (2017) by Harmonia Rosales
New World Consciousness (2018)
The Orisha's (2019)