"To Heal the World": An Open Online Exhibition Coming From CARAVAN

Let the Children Come Unto Me by Daniel Bonnell
In today’s world we are all intricately connected and interdependent; an inescapable reality highlighted by the current spread and impact of the Coronavirus around the globe. What happens in one part of the world affects others far away. ​Humanity has become besieged by many ailments that continue to drag us down; injustices, hatred, exploitation, inequality, conflict and abuse. The deadline for submissions was 16 May 2020. A panel of judges will select 25 artworks for exhibition, with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prizes awarded, plus an Honorable Mention. The exhibition will be showcased here on the CARAVAN website 15 June - 18 August, 2020. CARAVAN is recognized as a global leader in using the arts to build sustainable peace around the world.[More]