Andy Warhol’s “Sixty Last Suppers” Was One of the Catholic Artist’s Last Works

By Zelda Caldwell
Ilya S. Savenok | GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA | Getty Images via AFP
LONDON - A major exhibition of the artist Andy Warhol’s work is on display at London’s Tate Modern (12 March – 6 September 2020). While the doors to the museum are shuttered due to the coronavirus lockdown, interested would-be gallery-goers can check out this room-by-room tour of the exhibit here. The retrospective, which includes the artist’s iconic images of Marilyn Monroe and Campbell’s soup cans, also includes a 1986 work entitled “Sixty Last Suppers,” a large-scale compilation made up of repeated images of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper.” As a leader in the contemporary art movement known as pop art, and a familiar figure in the drug-fueled celebrity culture of the 1960s, few think of Warhol as a religious artist. [More]