Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Barnaby Barford 'TRUTHLIESFEARLOVE' - Online Exhibition — DAVID GILL GALLERY

Barnaby Barford Truth & Lies (Pink), 2019 Giclée print, stained black lime wood frame, with anti-reflective and UV acrylic glaze H206 x L292 cm / H81.1 x L114.9 in
David Gill presents TRUTHLIESFEARLOVE an online exhibition of Barnaby Barford’s latest body of work. Encompassing 10 unique works on paper, TRUTHLIESFEARLOVE is the outcome of the artist’s further exploration of his word drawings, Barford’s signature technique consists of repeating the same words over and over, allowing his practise to develop both on a formal and conceptual level. These works on paper highlight the prevalence of contemporary debates on the evolving notion of concepts such as “truth” and “lie” in an era characterised by technology and connectivity. Reflecting on recent historical and political events, Barford’s latest works are testimony to a changing world in which everything is susceptible to being questioned, an oscillation between the power of love and the limits of fear. [More]